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Pepeekeo store 2005

Pepeekeo store 2005

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Description : Mike: I was in Pepeekeo last weekend on a trip to the Big island and took a photo of the store that stands across the field from the training camp. The buildings at the camp are all gone, but the field remains as well as the store.
From: rbaker@lewiston.k12.id.us (Wed Mar 2 17:28:46 2005)
Wow! That is so much like old times. We used to walk back from a visit to Hilo, stop in for a soda, and slouch on in.
From: Ernie (Wed Mar 2 18:45:25 2005)
I was dubbing all my old vhs tapes to DVD the other day and ran across some shots of the old training site that we took around 1990 when we were on vacation in Hawaii. Wasn't much left except for the stone stairways out in front of where the classrooms and dorms were. Sad

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